If there is something ARMY you’ve been waiting for, it’s the return of bts. That’s why, when his new album was announced a few days ago ‘proof‘, the fans jumped for joy. A teaser video was first announced:

Then, details about the album were given. It was announced that this album would actually be an album by anthology that runs through the history of BTS, with only 3 songs new.

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While many fans are delighted with the news and are looking forward to the album, others are disappointed and have been waiting for a full new album.

bts is going to release an anthology album, i.e. a best of or greatest hits album with 3 new songs…this is honestly disappointing. They have already released a best of and now they release another?

“me: im going to be broke for the next year 😔 i guess i have to keep a tight budget from now on 💔

bts: so here is our new anthology album with our greatest hits!!! 🤩


“So BTS’s new album is just a greatest hits album with only 3 new songs? …yeah, I’m over it.”

In fact, since 2020 BTS has not released a full album. The K-Pop group’s last album was “BE” released in November 2020, successor to “Map Of The SoulFebruary of the same year.