Some categories of Russians were reminded of pension increases in December

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics RUDN University Andrey Girinsky in an interview with the Prime agency reminded on increasing pensions for some categories of Russians in December.

The increase is due to those pensioners who previously worked and quit in September of the current year. In addition, payments will increase for citizens over 80 years of age if they reached this age in November. This increase occurs monthly.

For most non-working pensioners, payments will increase in January 2024, when pensions will be indexed by 7.5 percent. To find out the size of the increase, you need to multiply the current payment by an increase factor of 1.075, Girinsky said.

For most pension recipients, they will arrive in December for January. As a rule, funds are credited on the 3rd of each month, but since there will be holidays from January 1 to 8, the money will be transferred in advance.

“The pension for December will also begin to arrive a little earlier – starting from December 1, due to the fact that December 2 and 3 are days off,” the expert added.

Previously became knownwhat in Russia in 2024, the amount of early pension will increase to 19.6 thousand rubles. Over three years, the average early pension will increase by 17 percent.

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