According to him, sometimes the invaders hide behind corpses.

The warrior told how the invaders hide behind corpses near Bakhmut /

ground under Bakhmut completely covered with the bodies of the invaders. Some invaders pretend to have died by hiding behind corpses for several hours.

How informed a warrior of the 93rd ombr with the nickname “your friend Stus”, Russia has pulled a lot of personnel to this direction, but this does not add to its effectiveness on the battlefield.

“A day of almost continuous fighting. Ah * and since how many Russians overtook people here, it is growing more and more. Prisoners of cons call the figure of 2k people for the entire area. You already begin to believe in it. Now everything is becoming like a chronicle from World War II, f*cking gifts the whole earth is covered,” the warrior said.

The bodies of the invaders /

According to him, the invaders go into battle in groups of 10 people. Only four return. Immediately another group goes into battle, the situation repeats itself.

“In this format, the day happens. Sometimes they crawl over their dead friends and begin to dig almost under them in order to survive. Sometimes they lie down near the dead and lie for hours,” the warrior added.

The bodies of the invaders /

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The situation in the Bakhmut direction

Earlier, Andrei Ilyenko, an officer of the Svoboda battalion, said that near Bakhmut everything is littered with the corpses of the enemy. According to his forecast, the winter campaign in the region will be hot.

After that, Colonel Svitan said that the invaders suffer heavy losses in Donbass:

“The Russians can’t gain a foothold, because the artillery has already taken aim. The sailors from Vladivostok were at least halved there in the early days. For them, now this is a point of application of force, although Pavlovka itself does not matter. If they are hooked, this is a very good springboard for us to destroy the Russian troops.”

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