Some solar power plant operators are concerned that almost 250 million crowns have been paid out of the collective system. From the publicly available financial balance sheets of the company, it is then evident that since 2018, pensions for this company have been moved to the chapter of long-term receivables. Ppad ei Ministry of the Environment (MP).

MP was supported by another entity on the proven procedure of REMA PV Systm as when dealing with funds obtained from the funds of the solar power plant operator. The MP issued documents to the operator of the collective system REMA PV Systm, as, which were provided only to a limited extent. The MP will proceed in accordance with the Act on End-of-Life Products, said Ondej Charvt from the press department of the ministry.

According to Julie Melnykov from REMA, the company now records five lawsuits initiated by the group’s solar power plant operator. All disputes are the same. According to Melnykov, the interconnected group of solar power plant operators did not want to fulfill their final obligations through the REMA PV Systm as collective system. According to her, the group of entrepreneurs was not willing to accept the costs of their share in administrative and operating costs.

According to the end-of-life manufacturers’ bill, the use of the collective scheme is only available on the basis of the collective scheme’s function. REMA claims to provide a truly defined service for its clients.

These services are reimbursed in accordance with the principle of collective responsibility. The funds are treated according to the law, the funds are used exclusively to secure the services defined and are not used for investments, added Melnykov.

A company with a dubious uprising

This is not the first time that REMA has found itself in public. In January this year, she figured on list of sponsorships to the political movement STAN. According to the account, the company should not have provided a financial gift at all. The Ministry of the Environment also started to deal with this case. The company is characterized as a non-profit economy organizing the collection, collection, disposal and recycling of old electrical appliances.

According to the changed executive entities, which operate similar collective systems, they must not distribute the profit and funds obtained from the contribution of producers, and the proceeds from them can be levied only on some strictly defined elements.

According to its company, the company did not commit a breach of law. REMA Systm has been and is aware of the statutory law cited by you. Transparent provided gift to the Mayors and Independent Movement was provided in accordance with this provision so as not to violate it. REMA Systm, nor any of its management, promises anything from the donation, Melnykova told in the past.

Even according to Starost, the gift from the company was not problematic at all. According to the information obtained from REMA Systm as, the company vlun is not the operator of the collective system, but also performs other business activities. In this context, we were assured by the company’s Board of Directors that a financial donation was provided not from the activities of REMA Systm, as the operator of the collective system, but the first of these other business activities of the company. Therefore, the transparent gift provided is not subject to restrictions under the End-of-Life Products Act, said Mr Bernkov.

REMA Systm donated 200,000 CZK to the Mayor. Server List First pointed out that it is not just this company. In addition, in the same period, 200,000 people from the owned companies Accordion, Lutesti, Deltasoft consulting and WEEE drove the STAN movement. The same entrepreneurs can be traced behind them as with the REMA System. In addition, the WEEE company in the area handles electrical waste, according to the server from publicly available data.

Former Minister Karel Havlek stated that REMA would also be sued by the state for a billion crowns. Rema has an open receivable from the Ministry of the Environment in the nominal value of 520 million. With more memberships, it’s almost a billion today, which the court said with the ministry.

False data about shooting cities

REMA Systm has made mistakes elsewhere in the past. She stated untrue data during the operation of the collective collection of electrical waste, which was also confirmed by the MP. The conditions require the operation of a collection city in each village with more than two thousand inhabitants. REMA was fined by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate for this.

In the list of collection systems of the company REM Systm, where people can return the used electrical consumption, there were boards of companies and institutions that do not actually collect electrical waste from the public. The old fridge or slingshot should theoretically be able to be taken to the State Opera, the National Theater, Charles University or the Czech Radio.

It is also interesting that last summer Rema sent a letter to the mayor, in which it refers to the new waste bill and distorted, stating that you must first enter into a contract with Rema, the server said. According to MP, the collective system cannot force anyone to sign contracts. Thus, one company could give the impression that they were trying to solve their problem at the last moment with the insufficient collection of public collection points.

The REMA Collective System was established in 2005. The main purpose of the REMA PV System is to protect the environment by securing the collection and recycling of solar panels. The REMA PV System focuses on the issue of solar panels and other solar components.

Entrepreneur David Bene, Karel Bene and Ladislav Duek are behind REMA Systm. These names have appeared in the past, for example, with the involvement of the National Center against Organized Crime in the Program-Storm case. Ekonomick denk in April 2019 wrote that the police accused REMA Systm and put the first subjects, but also their owners, out of the tax evasion created by pedraen advertising.