In Nizhny Tagil, representatives of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party said they allegedly bought books on LGBT topics in local stores. They want to destroy the circulation, Realny Tagil TV channel reports.

We are talking about the book co-authored by Katerina Silvanova and Elena Malisova “Summer in a Pioneer Tie” (18+). The book is devoted to the relationship of two young men who met in a pioneer camp during the period of “perestroika”. The second book is by André Aciman Call Me by Your Name (18+). The novel is about a love relationship between a high school student and a researcher, set in 1980s Italy. The work tells about the romance that arose that summer and what happened in the next 20 years.

Just Russians said they decided to destroy the books at the request of the Nizhny Tagil diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. However, representatives of the church told Vse Novosti news agency that they had nothing to do with this political action. Now they are looking for people who could disseminate this information and comment on local TV.

“The Church stands for the protection and preservation of traditional values, but the ways and methods of this protection lie in a personal and living example of Christian life based on true freedom and Christian virtues,” the Nizhny Tagil diocese said.

However, the books themselves are still available in bookstores. The publications are sealed in a film, are marked 18+, so a passport is required to purchase. The reference network “Chitai-Gorod” said that the novels can be purchased both through the online store and at city points of sale. There are several copies in the Living Word store. They are not available only in the Territory chain of stores.