Social activists managed to stop ticket sales for the Lolita concert in Chekhov

Members of the public movement “Call of the People” achieved the closure of ticket sales for the concert of the Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya V Chekhov. This is reported in Telegram- channel “360”.

One of the social activists said that the movement contacted the organizer of the performance and called on them to stop selling tickets to the show.

“The sale has been stopped. Ticket sales are not up to us. We wrote a letter to the organizer, ticket sales must be stopped. The contract is being terminated,” the portal’s interlocutor said.

The day before reported, that all Lolita performances that were planned in cities near Moscow in February of this year, except for the concert in Chekhov, have been cancelled. Then the organizers stated that the artist’s show in Chekhov would still take place, despite the disruption of performances in other cities due to the singer’s participation in the blogger’s “naked party.” Anastasia Ivleeva.

Previously Lolita Milyavskaya statedthat she lost interest in show business.

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