Sobyanin reported on repelling a UAV attack in the Moscow region. Drone debris fell on Gorkovskoye Highway

The air defense system shot down a flying Moscow drone. About it reported mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin.

The mayor clarified that the incident occurred in Bogorodsky city ​​district. There are no preliminary damages or casualties as a result of falling debris. Emergency services are on the scene.

IN Russian Ministry of Defense clarifiedthat the incident occurred at 01:00 Moscow time on November 19. Aircraft-type drone of the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) was destroyed by air defense systems on duty.

Gorkovskoye Highway was blocked due to debris from a fallen drone

Drone wreckage fell on Gorkovskoye Highway near the village of Monino near Moscow. According to the Mash Telegram channel, the debris hit one of the cars.

Traffic on the highway was promptly blocked in both directions. As a result of the emergency, a traffic jam formed on the highway; travel restrictions have now been lifted.

The moment of destruction of a Ukrainian drone over the Bogorodsky district in Moscow region hit on video. CCTV footage shows a bright flash appearing in the night sky. “The air defense system is working,” says the explanation for the video.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use new types of drones

On November 16, the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the first time applied Spanish drones attempting to attack targets in the territory Russia. We are talking about a Spanish Columba-type drone from Spaitech. The device carried about 1.2 kilograms of S-4 explosives.

It also turned out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are converting initially reconnaissance Columba into drums at the Odessa NPP Spitek. On website Several characteristics of the modified drone are indicated. The UAV can operate for a maximum of two hours, rising to a height of up to 3 kilometers and covering a distance of up to 120 kilometers. At the same time, the device is capable of reaching speeds from 60 to 110 kilometers per hour. Military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov explained “” that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were counting on the inability of Russian electronic warfare systems (EW) to see the Spanish drone due to the peculiarities of its characteristics. This assumption turned out to be wrong, he noted.

Speaking about the use of drones by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line, it should be noted the appearance in the sky of agro-industrial UAVs, nicknamed “Baba Yaga” by the Russian military. A military expert spoke about this in a conversation with Alexey Zhivov. According to him, such drones have become the greatest problem for participants in the special operation on many sectors of the front, especially in the Kherson direction. These agrodrones able carry six 82-mm mines at once, each of which weighs more than three kilograms. The specialist also pointed out that “Babu Yaga” is very difficult to suppress using electronic warfare, and the main means of combating them is a combination of a machine gun and a thermal imager.

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