Sobchak was accused of plagiarism because of a hoodie with words from Instasamka’s song

Russian TV presenter and author of the YouTube channel “Caution! Sobchak” Ksenia Sobchak accused of plagiarism after the launch of new merch. The corresponding stories were published on the designer’s Instagram account. Egor Lesnikov (prohibited in Russia social network; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and is banned).

The journalist presented an oversized pink hoodie with the words “my husband bought this hoodie for me” – a similar phrase is also present in the song by rapper Instasamka “My husband bought it.” The cost of an item presented in a single size on the official website of the project is 14,800 rubles.

Businessman from Ekaterinburg, in turn, published a photo of a sweatshirt of his own production, on which the phrase Muzh Kupil was also printed. In his opinion, the celebrity stole the hoodie design to create his own merch. “Hello. Ksenia Sobchak stole the idea from designers from Yekaterinburg!” — the entrepreneur was indignant, noting the presenter in the publication. Lesnikov added that he has not yet decided whether he will go to court.

Sobchak herself did not react in any way to the fashion designer’s accusations.

In September 2020, netizens also subjected criticism of Ksenia Sobchak’s lingerie collection. The assortment of a clothing line released in honor of the YouTube channel “Caution! Sobchak”, oversized hoodies and underwear in plain colors appeared. Various inscriptions are printed on the items, in particular, “Everything is terrible for me,” “I don’t give autographs,” “I won’t be easier, and you don’t have to reach out to me,” “No, but how?”, as well as panties with a logo channel and the word “Caution!”

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