Jakub Jurka
| photo: Augusto Bizzi, FIE

Jurka, who celebrated his 23rd birthday at the arrest of the week, first won the group in six qualifiers and defeated Jonathan Svensson from a widow in the first round of the playoffs (15:11). In the next two rounds, he dealt with the peasants represented by his colleague Juan Pedro Romero from Spain (15: 9) and Polka Maciej Bielec (15:10).

Above all, there were world juniors and now the 36th World Cup player was Vcar Max Heinzer (16th in the FIE). Jurka only managed to lose the title against the head of the opponent, and in the end he lost 10:15 with the bronze medalist from the 2014 European Championships and the world and European champion in the dark.

Michal upr was one hundred percent in a group of esteemed players and advanced to the elimination from the fourth place, but then he unexpectedly lost to the opponent from the quarter of a hundred, Axel Mattsson from the village (8:15) and was ranked 33rd. Beran finished 42nd, when from the position of the 35th World Cup he succumbed 11:15 to Bielec, who belongs to the FIE and 265th place. Martin Rube did not stand on Romero (9:15) and took 44th place.

European Erm Championships

Antalya (Tuecko)

Mui – cord
Finle: Borel (Fr.) – Tulen (NZL) 15: 1, semifinle: Tulen – Bayard (vc.) 15:14, Borel – Heinzer (vc.) 15:11, …5. Jurka – released in the quarterfinals, 33. upr, 42. Aries, 44. Rube (all Rs) – all left in the 1st round.

eny – avle
Finle: Batov (zerb.) – Gregoriov (It.) 15: 9, semifinle: Batov – Cieslarov (POL) 15: 6, Gregoriov – Balzerov (Fr.) 15:11, …58. Hanzlkov (R) – disqualified.