Snow apocalypse in a Russian city was shown on video

Residents Ekaterinburg They showed on video the snow apocalypse that began in the city. Footage on Wednesday, November 15, is published by Telegram- “360” channel.

Heavy snowfall hit the Russian city on the night of November 14-15. Due to bad weather, flights at airports are delayed, and a collapse occurs on the city’s roads and at the entrance to it: public transport breaks down, and cars get into accidents.

In Ekaterinburg fell out three centimeters of snow. The highest snow cover depth is recorded in Ivdel (22 centimeters), Severouralsk (20 centimeters) and Serov (11 centimeters). The least precipitation fell in Mikhailovsk.

On the night of October 27, snowy weather came to Moscow. Residents of the capital captured snowfall on video.

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