Homegrown weed now has AI, Snoop Dog and an easy way to grow weed at home according to the website. As laws change, and the consumer can grow recreational weed at home, it is logical that someone has built a better mousetrap, and at $2400, and a simple $500 down, you can order an AI-assisted grow unit you can put in your bedroom, kitchen, garage or wherever you want.

It is also logical that Snoop Dog is the spokesperson for this Israeli backed company, who obviously did the math on selling a $500 unit with a fully refundable option after 30 days before the next installment is due – after all – who wants to return a unit when the weed is growing inside like an incubator for a small chicken.

The Seedo package includes a FREE full growing kit:

  • 1 Carbon Air Filter
  • 2 CO2 Cylinders
  • 2 Nutrients Containers
  • 1 Growth Slab for up to 5 plants per cycle
  • 1 Water Filter
  • 1 pH+ Solution

Android / iOS Mobile app

Seedo is also a public company with a $25m market cap; more about the company here. Seedo Corp (SEDO), focuses on the development and distribution of home growing automated machines for various herbs and vegetables worldwide. It also develops herbs and vegetables in commercial containers. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Yokneam Illit, Israel.