The head of the Komblag, Vasily Ponidelko, called unacceptable the unwillingness of the GUDP “Center” to pay compensation to a Petersburger because of the high costs of Mariupol. Official’s speech published on his personal page in VKontakte.

What happened. On December 13, Boris Vishnevsky, deputy of the Legislative Assembly, published the text of the appeal of the State Directorate of Public Institution “Center” on the claim of Nadezhda Kozhevnikova from St. Petersburg for compensation for moral damages for the injury she received when she slipped on the ice of the sidewalk on Mokhovaya Street.

She filed a lawsuit against the Center company responsible for snow removal, a subordinate enterprise of the beautification committee. The court awarded the St. Petersburg woman compensation of 300 thousand rubles.

Later, the Center company filed an appeal against the court decision and asked to reduce the amount of compensation due to its “difficult financial situation”. As follows from the document, the organization’s losses for the first half of 2022 amounted to 269 million rubles.

The list of losses included the company’s expenses for “work to ensure the life of the population and restore the facilities of the city of Mariupol.” According to this article, 100 million rubles were allocated, follows from the complaint.

How did the beautification committee react?. The chairman of the beautification committee, Vasily Ponidelko, called this reason a far-fetched pretext. According to him, the lawyer of the organization made “a gross mistake, linking the maintenance of contracts in St. Petersburg with work in Mariupol, which does not correspond to any reality.”

Ponidelko added that he organized an audit and intends to bring the perpetrators to justice. According to him, he ordered to pay compensation to the St. Petersburg woman in the near future.

Ponidelko also assured that road enterprises have enough money and forces to carry out tasks in St. Petersburg with high quality. According to his official, “a situation where road companies cannot fulfill their duties and hide behind far-fetched pretexts is unacceptable and will be suppressed quite harshly.”

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