Satellite images from the scene appeared on the network

The satellite image shows what is happening on "towers Boyko".

The satellite image shows what is happening on the “Boyko towers”. / Photo: Collage: Today

Recently, information appeared on the network that Snake Island Dozens of explosions thundered and a fire started. However, it was noted that the Ukrainian rocket men struck Yuriy Boyko’s towers. At the same time, one of the towers is still on fire.

About it informs Telegram channel “Today”.

What situation

As noted, according to satellite data, today one of the Boyko towers continues to burn – it is located 80 kilometers from the Odessa region.

The satellite image shows both the fire and the smoke from it:

Later Operational Command “South” confirmed hitting on the positions of Russian invaders on Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea. Also, military expert Oleg Zhdanov told why the occupiers holding on diligently for the snake.

Earlier, the site “Today” wrote that on June 17, in the area of ​​​​Snake Island, Harpoon missiles were hit Russian tug “Vasily Beh”. Moscow did not acknowledge the loss of this ship.