It is a combination that does not exist with us yet. People will find the best of in one city and the popular JRC emblem with a wide and established offer for gaming, describes the new synergy of brands Petr Syrek, founder and owner of Smarty Brands.

Expansion into stone shops can support the group’s growth. It is now a strong leader in online sales thanks to the e-shop and is the leading premium reseller of the Apple brand on the Czech market thanks to the iWant brand. The new stone shop will be a place of sales, supply of goods and customer service.

We worked for nine years and built a strong customer warehouse. We gained experience with the operation of top stores, services and service thanks to the cooperation with the Apple brand. We will now use everything for further expansion into electronics retail. We will open new stores, we have a new own brand of TIGO pot and we are also preparing our own brand of accessories. We want to be one of the key games on the market, adds Petr Syrek.

Stores with a modern design

The first store will open on Saturday, May 7 at OC Europark
in Prague-trboholy. Until August, we open a total of six stores in Prague and one each in Olomouc, Hradec Krlov and Teplice. By the end of the year, ten of them should work throughout the Czech Republic. And in two years we will have around 40 of them in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Petr Petrek.

In the new stores, customers will be able to play the latest games on the Playstation 5 or TIGO pots, which are ready for testing at the store. Customers can then buy the XBOX One S console, Nintendo Switch and gave, or new hern merch. They can talk to a trained salesperson on how best to put together their own sweat. In addition, they will be able to try out new mobile phones or get advice on how to enter a smart home.

The dal sign is an iWant authorized dealer of Apple characters. And we all know that Apple’s shopping marks are a boon. We have combined the experience from the operation of these stores into the creation of the new We know that the purchase of electronics must be a ritual that people enjoy, explains Petr Syrek.

The Smarty Brands group collaborated on the design of the new stores. with Bakof Group. The shops are visually divided into two black and white colors. ern st is a new gambling, bl pat The base is a modern, at first glance simple, but sophisticated and graphically identical design.