Without pe they are not bikes! My new dog. When you try to get inside, if you have a healthy diet, exercise, quality fastness, a feeling of fulfillment from the things you owe, and the closeness of people who manage and inspire you. Yes, it wasn’t enough, but it can be set in life. Collagen Oslo Skin Lab uvm almost 3 years. I see that my skin is much hungry and firmer. I’m not going to look like twenty again, I just want to be honored at the best of my age. Jitka Schneiderov, ambassador Oslo Skin Lab.

OsloSkinLab - ZR22


Collagen is a protein that is naturally found in our body and is one of the most important building blocks. Young skin contains 80% collagen. In order for our skin to be smooth and firm, a layer called kra, otherwise so dermis, is taken care of. Her first bite is collagen or collagen fibers. From the age of about 25, collagen levels are declining and growing. The result? Our skin loses elasticity and firmness. It is a natural bite of the process of stiff skin. Collagen production decreased by about 12%. However, if the collagen peptides are added again, the lines and lines will be more noticeable to me.


* Positive results inside collagen The Solution from Oslo Skin Lab are verified by independent clinical studies.

* The average reduction in depth between about 20.1% after eight weeks inside.

* Improved skin elasticity after those weeks uvn.

* After six months, the degree of cellulite and firming of the skin has been reduced.

OsloSkinLab - ZR22

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