Skopintsy sent parcels and letters for the Airborne Forces

In April, the Ryazan regional branch of the organization “Council of Women of Russia” announced the collection of parcels and letters for the Ryazan Airborne Regiment, which is now participating in a military special operation in Ukraine. Many municipalities responded to this call, and Skopintsy did not stand aside. The local branch of the Women’s Council, which is headed by Albina Egorova, turned to his fellow countrymen for help. After all, our guys who are participating in hostilities are now very hard. Including morally.

Caring people collected and brought the necessary personal hygiene items, food, medicines, sweets, cigarettes and much more that may be useful or please military personnel in such conditions.

“They especially asked to send lollipops,” said Albina Pavlovna, “after all, it is often impossible to smoke in military conditions, and lollipops help to cope with cravings for cigarettes. As a result, we only bought 10 kg of lollipops. And a lot of other things, as people brought money, and we already bought the necessary goods according to the list.

Schoolchildren and adults wrote letters to the soldiers with words of gratitude and support, and on the eve of May 9, the House of Children’s Creativity held the action “Letters to a Soldier”. The guys reacted with soul to this task, drew pictures, and it was impossible to listen to the texts of the appeal to our soldiers without tears. Albina Yegorova even ordered special pictures with the emblem and slogans “For Donbass!”, “For Airborne Forces!”, “For Victory!”.

“You know, I especially remember the case when, when talking with one young woman, I told her: “Young people, join the action!”, – says Albina Pavlovna. – It turned out that she works in the Russian Railways system, and a couple of days later the railway workers brought several boxes of porridge with stew. You know, even tears came out of my eyes: after all, life is so difficult for us now, and ordinary people are still very sympathetic! Someone even brought 100 rubles, but this money is sometimes more expensive than a thousand, because you understand: you are ready to share the last!

As a result, the necessary goods were purchased for 70,000 rubles. Each box was carefully packaged and labeled for what was in it. We tried to put everything in such a way that the sweets did not melt. Sheets with pictures, a logo and poetic lines of Galina Medvedeva were glued on top. On May 10, all the parcels were sent by two cars to the regional library named after. Gorky. And on behalf of the leadership of the Union of Women of Russia, Albina Egorova thanked all the concerned Skopints: “Thank you all for your help, dear countrymen! May God bless everyone with good health, peace and kindness!”