Last week in the Czech Republic there were about 400 new falls every day, but the sweats have been growing since mid-May and June. There were five more of them every week. This week, more than 600 new cases a day arrived on Mondays and more.

According to Sttnho’s health status (SZ), there are new omicron subvariants. Behind the current number in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries, are according to the state of variants BA.4 and BA.5. This is shown by the data from the discriminated PCR test.

It can be expected that the number of new cases that started a few weeks ago will continue. In connection with this variant, further detection of positive cases of covid-19 infection can be expected, said Helena Jiincov, head of the national reference laboratory, on Monday.

The fact that there is a fall in the fall is more warning, I did not expect. I thought that for a few weeks we would stay at the original level, said TK biochemist and molecular biologist Libor Grubhoffer, Academy of Sciences.

Summer activities such as travel or visitor services can increase the heat. The measures are not yet in place, there are no close epidemiological parameters. But you have to be in the stitch, Grubhoffer.

Finger fucked with covid-19 in the last week

Some countries will meet with many of them, for example in Israel there is also a patient with covid-19 in hospitals, while in the same country in Austria. The daily balance sheet for neighboring countries has increased by several thousand cases since last week. On Monday, tests confirmed the infection in more than 7,000 people, a week ago there were just over 4,000 new cases in Austria.

The State of Life Control (SKL) said last week that the European Agency for Life Control (EMA) had started assessing new versions of anti-drug vaccines from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna.

The Ministry of Health has awarded her a contract for a new shackle camp. U will not promise an end to the pandemic. People have to believe that it is necessary to look forward to the end of summer and the end of autumn, so that with the passage of cold weather pedel put a strong wave of covid-19, associated with congested hospitals, health risks, but also the economic impact of a pandemic, the resort said zakzky.

Kampa thus promises a place: Let yourself be shackled by strengthening the two when the cold does not come, and we drink in good health gave a wave. Vlda m een ​​pro kadho. It will start on August 1 and the resort will cost 1.7 million crowns.

The government will also know how to replace the pensions used by hospitals to buy covid-19. The proposal for compensation should be discussed in the middle.