Don’t forget to turn off the lights, pe se at one point of Skel’s call.

You ask if there is sunlight in the lighted room, get another blanket.

Minister pr set out to inspect individual government departments and see how they took the Minister of Labor’s appeal to heart. Virtually the same scene was visible everywhere: At the receptions in broad daylight, lamps and chandeliers were fully lit.

Rozzen Ministry of Finance

For example, the Ministry of Finance will be built, where the turnstiles are also brightly illuminated in blue.

Rozzen Ministry of Finance

The change of spirits at the Ministry of the Interior will again look like a light show at the traditional and very popular Signal festival in Prague.

The reception at the Ministry of the Interior is thoroughly researched.

Even the mind and ideas inside. The entrance to the garage is also illuminated there during the day.

You don’t have to be in the dark about ideas at the Ministry of the Interior.

Inside, according to what Expres found out from the press department employee Hana Mal, the main air conditioner is not working.

The buildings of the ministry are heated to the temperature set by the government. The office premises were heated to 20 degrees, he gave the premises according to their urns. When heating the building of the Ministry, we will follow the applicable legislation in the next heating season. In the event that it occurs (minimum temperature dream), we proceed to the temperature dream when heating office spaces, she informed us that it is necessary to use the central air conditioning, given that it cannot be entered due to their construction.

According to Mal, the lighting of the building is in accordance with the government’s intention. The resort is currently preparing guidelines for energy savings in all buildings.

In addition to the heavily enlightened receptions and corridors, it can be seen in many ministries that the world is also in full swing in the offices. This does not apply to Skel’s Ministry of Industry and Trade in the picture.

Lighting up the pulpit is not an isolated phenomenon.

Expres contacted the talkative Vojtcha Srnka. He let it be heard that the resort was actually taking a whole lot of precautions on how to energize.

At the beginning of the year, we took the following questionable measures: Lowering the temperature in the office by 1.5 and 2 degrees, lowering the temperature in the corridors and in the social facilities by 3 degrees, removing damping on weekends and at night, replacing questionable lights in the dome, installing automatic of darkness and movement of lights in corridors and stairs, named Srnka.

Compared to last year, this measure in buildings in Na Frantiku helped reduce gas consumption by 24 percent and electricity consumption by 20 percent. It thus became the basis of the controversial manual for public buildings, which was discussed by the government in April. he added.

This is how it is at the Ministry of Health.

the Ministry of Health, to which we turned, took the disputed measures.

In November of this year, the Ministry addressed its employees with a call for sustainable energy management in the building operation as part of a general effort to change the behavior of the company in accordance with recommendations in the field of sustainable development and in response to a significant increase in energy prices. The essence of this call is the education of employees in the field of heat, electricity and water disputes,he said to us the press spoke Ondej Jakob.

According to this, the Ministry of Health set itself the goal this year to replace and refurbish all windows in the buildings of the Ministry of Health with energy-efficient ones, to replace the heating sources in the boiler room with energy-efficient ones, and to replace all the lights in the buildings with LED lights. He managed all these events in the summer year without having to spend on electricity and gas. In the following years, we will reduce the debt dispute by 20 percent, and you, he added.

In addition to the ministries, the relatively well-educated is also the magistracy, where she will light you non-stop even in the toilets.

There is also a lot of light on the crack magistrate.

In the gallery, take a look at how they coped with the lighting at the individual resorts, and see if they accidentally shine a little bit of god in the windows!