Investigators are conducting a pre-investigation check and finding out all the circumstances and causes of the death of a 17-year-old boy in one of the colleges in the city of Yaroslavl.

Photo: Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for the Novosibirsk Region

As the Uchitelskaya Gazeta online publication was told by the press service of the investigative department of the TFR in the Yaroslavl region, it was previously established that the minor had a chronic illness.

Today, December 15, a student came to the college for classes. After some time, he became ill and soon died.

At the moment, a forensic medical examination has been appointed to determine the exact cause of the student’s death, they are interviewing all witnesses, acquaintances. Based on the results of the pre-investigation check, a procedural decision will be made.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reported about the tragedy that happened in November in one of the schools in Krasnodar. There, during class, an eighth-grader suddenly died. Doctors tried to save the fourteen-year-old teenager, but to no avail.

And in October, in one of the rural schools in the Novosibirsk region, an eight-year-old boy got sick in gym class. An ambulance was immediately called, but despite the best efforts of the doctors, the child died on the way to the hospital.