Specialists tellthat at birth the cubs are blind and cannot walk. And in the Kuzminki park, fox children are already emerging from their holes, which means they are at least two weeks old.

They are not afraid of people and allow themselves to be photographed. But despite the natural desire to get closer to the babies and feed them, Mospriroda employees forbid this: “At the slightest concern, cautious parents try to change their place of residence by dragging the cubs into a spare hole, which can adversely affect the health of animals. <... > Compassionate visitors to natural areas who may want to feed foxes should keep in mind that this cannot be done for several reasons. The fox is not a pet: if she loses the habit of searching and foraging for food on her own and does not teach her children this, then they will not be able to survive later. In addition, an abundance of food that does not have to be fought and competed with other individuals will eventually lead to an increase in the population of foxes, which will threaten the conservation of the species on which they feed.

And once again, visitors are asked not to kindle fires, not to make noise and not to let the dogs off the leash so as not to disturb the fox family and other inhabitants of the park.

Photo: t.me/mospriroda