In his Telegram channel, the performer made an appeal addressed to a secular lioness. Previously, the blogger criticized the SHAMAN song called “I’m Russian”.

The artist ironically thanked Sobchak for helping to promote his work.

“I want to thank you for such powerful support,” the artist said in the video.

Ksenia, in her publication, expressed the opinion that the track authored by the musician cannot serve as a good example of a patriotic song. The single became available on July 22, and in the first day alone it gained over a million views on YouTube video hosting. A few days after the release, the video has five million views, and also occupies the #1 position on the Trending tab of the music videos.

“I am RUSSIAN – this is not a song, but a state of mind! I wanted to give people a gift and I wrote this song,” SHAMAN wrote, presenting their song to subscribers.