August 6 at “Hands Up! Bar” on Taganka will host a club concert by singer Natalie.

Natalie gained great popularity back in the 90s, performing the hit “The wind blew from the sea”. This song quickly fell in love with the audience and became the hallmark of the singer.

In 2012, Natalie again loudly declared herself and released the hit “Oh God, what a man!”. Later, the artist hit the top charts with new compositions, recording joint songs “Nikolai” with Nikolai Baskov and “You are like that” with rapper Dzhigan.

Already next Saturday, the star of the 90s will perform at Sergei Zhukov’s Moscow bar on Taganka. Concert guests will have a unique opportunity to hear Natalie’s favorite hits live. “Oh God, what a man!”, “Turtle”, “Scheherazade” and other songs will sound this evening in the atmosphere of bygone decades.

See you in Hands Up! Bar”!

August 6 (Saturday)

Hands up! Bar Taganka (Nizhny Novgorod, 2)

Gathering of guests: 20.00

Ticket: from 1200r

+7 (495) 926-26-10