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Singer Natalie told how a psychologist pulled her out of depression after her husband left

Natalie lived with her husband for 32 years; in the summer they planned to celebrate their next marriage anniversary, but Alexander Rudin passed away.

Natalie met Alexander Rudin when she was only 16 years old, and in 1991 they got married. Since then, they have practically never been apart: they made family plans and resolved issues of working together.

They planned to celebrate their 32nd marriage anniversary in the summer of 2023. However, fate decreed differently. Trouble came to their doors during a pandemic, when Alexander fell ill with COVID-19.

He endured the disease very difficult: the singer’s husband physically overcame the virus, but emotionally everything turned out to be more difficult. He developed post-Covid depression and was unable to restore his normal rhythm of life.

In July 2023, Alexander’s father died, which became a turning point. Two weeks after this event, Alexander decided to commit suicide. Thus, Natalie was left alone with three children. At this tragic moment, the singer published a frank message on social networks.

Her husband’s last wish was not to stop his concert activities as an artist, and Natalie decided to follow his will. Now her performances give her strength and help her move forward.

According to the singer, she receives support from her sons and regularly consults a psychologist. The singer meets with a specialist weekly.

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