January 5, 2023, 04:33 – Public News Service – OSN

Musician Sergei Lazarev joked about TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva, who surprised fans by summing up the day before New Year.

The celebrity said that she considers the past year successful for herself, since she did not go to prison or to a psychiatric hospital, and besides, she survived.

Commenting on the words of Kudryavtseva, the singer drew attention to the fact that she has to live one more day in 2022, during which anything can happen, so it’s too early to “relax”. Fans of the artist liked his joke.

Earlier, the soloist of the group “Roots” Alexei Kabanov commented on the “contacts” of the singer Katya Lel with aliens.

According to Kabanov, his colleague in the workshop is mentally ill. However, in show business there are “better” ones. More on the topic read in material Public news service.

In addition, recently the musician Philip Kirkorov explained which of the Russian representatives of show business he considers the most devoted to the profession.

In his opinion, in Russian show business, “the strongest survive.” Artists devoted to their profession, like singers Dima Bilan, Sergey Lazarev and Valery Leontiev, are very difficult to find, the singer believes.