Mom gave the order and off we went! The daughter of the late Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, Natlia (19), is still under the close watch of her parents (52), even after her coming of age. The businesswoman even drank for her girlfriend at the wedding of Karlos Vmola (37) and Lela Ceterov (33), where she suddenly performed. A lot of exuberant celebrations, the businesswoman took her to an unknown place.

Musical star Natlie Grossov was one of the guests invited to sing at the wedding of Karlos and Lela. The daughter of Prime Minister Stanislav Gross burst into tears about how it suited Enich and the bride.

Karlos is very nice to me, he is, and I know him personally Lela, Natlka said to Express before the wedding.

Although the family of the guests and the great joy of the enicha, who had chosen her for this day, covered her with her song, but the day was over and she did not eat her until the morning hours.

Natlka Grossov was invited to the wedding of the newlyweds.

Natlka Grossov was invited to the wedding of the newlyweds.

Even pesto, she’ll be twenty years old, she could theoretically do whatever she wants here, her mother tells herHe obviously has a bed under his hood and wants to see where his girl is first and if she doesn’t wander around at night.

Mma rka was drinking for Natlka.

The blonde businesswoman used to drive for Natlia after daylight in the early evening to pick her up by car and take her home.