It seems that the statistics of the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office is intended to dispel the myth of the “return of the nineties.”

In any case, in the first months of this year (from January to April), crime did not increase, but decreased, according to official data. In total, 47,477 crimes were registered in Moscow during this time, which is 3.9% less than was recorded for the same period last year.

The most noticeable decrease is in the SWAO: here the crime rate fell by 17.1%. Next comes New Moscow (-14.1%), followed by Eastern Administrative Okrug (-13.7%). As usual, the Central Administrative District turned out to be the anti-record holder in terms of the total number of crimes – 7093 offenses were committed here, but the figure is still 3.3% lower than last year. In other districts, there is a decrease in crime, but not as noticeable: in the South Autonomous Okrug (4730 cases) and Northwestern Administrative District (3928 cases) – by 2.9%, in ZAO (4502 cases) – by 0.3%.

At the same time, crime, on the contrary, increased in four districts. The strongest in the SEAD (by 4.3%, up to 5151 offenses), but also in the SAO (by 1.3%, up to 4422), ZelAO (by 1.2%, up to 1160) and SVAO (by 0.2% , up to 4665).

It turns out that Zelenograd remains the leader in terms of the lowest level of crime.