Simple ways to achieve a perfect figure without going to the gym revealed

Best Life editors, together with fitness experts, have revealed simple ways to achieve a perfect figure without going to the gym. The relevant material appeared on website publications

First of all, experts advised to decide on a goal, for example, to lose weight or build muscle mass. After this, you need to make a commitment to exercise regularly and not skip workouts, as well as create a nutrition plan. “You don’t have to go to the gym to get pumped up. Losing fat actually depends on the number of calories you eat as well as the calories you burn,” explained fitness trainer Anna Kaiser.

In addition, the publication’s interlocutors recommended purchasing home sports equipment, consisting of dumbbells and barbells. Running instructor Daniel McCann notes that you can also look into bodyweight exercises. “Instead of heavy dumbbells, add burpees and push-ups,” he suggested.

Finally, physiotherapist Samantha Hart urged people to remember to walk once or twice a week. In addition, the doctor emphasized the importance of quality sleep and optimal water consumption.

Previously nutritionist, Taylor Grasso, RD revealed the main reasons for gaining weight on the weekends. According to the doctor, this problem can occur due to foods high in sodium, which leads to fluid retention in the body and bloating.

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