ahead New Year holidays, and the mood is not at all joyful – in such a situation, even gifts will not cause delight. Psychologists told how to distract from experiences and create a holiday for yourself.

Photo: pixabay.com

Specialist of the Moscow psychological assistance service Olga Akimova toldhow to make December magical for yourself, full of joyful moments. It is important to catch the festive mood in yourself and realize it in creating the New Year’s atmosphere. As a rule, there is no New Year’s mood when we think about how to celebrate the holiday, think about unrealizable, unrealizable ideas.

At such moments, it is worth taking a piece of paper and writing on it all possible options for celebrating – even unrealistic ones, any dreams about how you would like to celebrate the New Year.

When there are quite a lot of options, you need to start ranking them, choose the most realistic and desirable ones that you are ready to implement on this holiday. They need to be put at the top of the list, the rest will follow. Then, from the top of the list, pay attention to those positions that you can implement on your own or with someone else’s help. Stop at those that you decide to implement.

At this point, the New Year mood will begin to approach you. Then you can go from paraphernalia – think about what exactly you want to do. Perhaps you should buy candles to decorate your apartment with them, hang a garland, decorate a Christmas tree, review New Year’s toys or even buy new ones, start choosing gifts for friends and family.

If even then the New Year’s mood does not visit you, you should think about what you generally have with joy – what is happening in your life that joy is not available. It can be overwhelming feelings that leave no room for joy. In this case, it is necessary to live through these feelings, to allow the body to realize what it has, making room for joy.

If you feel longing or sad, you can cover yourself with a warm blanket, pour cocoa and watch a movie – do not try to force yourself to be happy. If you are overwhelmed with anger, you can act out this feeling by talking to friends or loved ones to discuss what is bothering you. This will make you feel good and make room for joy.

If you allow yourself to rejoice, no matter what – negative thoughts, experiences – and try to organize a holiday, then you will “catch” the New Year’s mood.