On June 25, at the Clash of The Stars tournament, Silvia Dellai will play in a cage with the handsome influenza Habibi. Women’s returns are becoming popular with girls. But standing up to fight requires tough preparation. Thorns Silvia was taken over by her colleague Luk Tma in the villa. And two j pkn take, as the video shows. Although Silva is going, we can, under Luktum’s leadership, a hundred hundred dumpers a day.

Silvia Dellai is not just a porn actress, she is a porn actress who also loves fighting sports. She is standing in a cage against the Xholakys, and she is preparing for her kind of retaliation, Clash of The Stars. Divide it with the influenza Habibi, it is, at first glance, much more than you, not Dellai, but also a lot of muscles. That’s why it might seem clear that Silvia Habibi was defeated. Only Xholakys alias Valria Holkov was so light and you, not Dellai, beat the porn actor in the cage quite playfully last time.

And because she was back, Dellai was getting ready for it from Like House. This time, however, instead of the professional coach in the villa, Luk Tma helps, who thus fit into the role of both an MMA expert and a motivated woman, and sent Dellai to put the skids straight after the table. He ordered a hundred depots, handles and dump trucks.

For a time, Silvia also dated Fidi, whose real name is Tom Fiala, so close to the MMA world. Whether Luktuma’s hard hand comes to mind, we can only hate. The sausages have been cut for a long time.

After all that luxury work, it was really something Silvia stuck in the confessional and seemed to be too involved in her training.

But the bow was clear, with the fact that the thorns must be as hard as possible to bear the desired fruit.

He wants to hack Habibi here, doesn’t he? Are you on her? D j knockout, koko?Luke began to motivate Silva. And that’s clear to me, June 25 wants the horse to win.