In one meme stream, you can see how her fiance, David Prak, bought a new laptop, and towards the end, we only hear a bit of extravagance. The half-way influencer threatens to take his laptop away. Fuck you! Or I’ll take it from you and he won’t get it, ki to his dog. He just answered in a calm voice and braked.

A video was then available on Tik Tok of his partner, even capturing the violence. You smack me in the face to ex Patrik. So what, he won’t embarrass me Patrick, calm down, I don’t have a permanent address here, there’s nothing to do here, answer him Adl. Don’t do that.

Patrik recorded several interviews about his relationship with a well-known influencer, where, for example, he talked about how she forced him to wear what she thought, even when it was on the verge of being acceptable, or he had to go home to the big one because he didn’t pay him. You can see in Patrik , that he is marked by his recent relationship, especially because of his government nature.

Aggressive behavior on the part of Adla was probably not even with David, he even asks his partner in several videos if he can go to the toilet.