“Shoot if you’re a man!” In Chechnya, they spoke out about the situation with the attack by Kadyrov’s ally’s fighters on a checkpoint

The situation with the attack by Vostok-Akhmat fighters subordinate to the head’s associate Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov Vahi Khambulatova, the checkpoint in Melitopol was exhausted back in 2023. About it stated Chechen Minister of National Policy, Press and Information Akhmed Dudayev.

This was the first time the republic commented on the conflict that occurred between Chechen fighters and military police officers.

Dudayev called the incident at the checkpoint in Melitopol a provocation

According to Dudayev, in a video spread online, Vakha Khambulatov, along with soldiers, was heading to the supply base in Melitopol from the front line. On a stretch of road about 600 meters long, Vostok-Akhmat fighters were stopped for the third time, which, he believes, “somehow smacks of provocation.”

Dudayev explained that Vakha Khambulatov’s fighters have been in special psychological conditions for months and years, so they “react sharply” to “provocations.”

The battalion soldiers get out of the vehicle, which is standard practice, and at this very moment the guard is the first to remove the safety and pull the bolt of the machine gun. Only after this Vakha Visamovich loads his pistol and shouts "Shoot if you’re a man"

Akhmed Dudayev

Minister of National Policy, Press and Information of Chechnya

At the same time, Dudayev did not specify how exactly the incident was resolved and what responsibility the Chechen fighters bore.

The conflict between Chechen fighters and military police officers was caught on video

Incident caught on video — the footage shows how the military stopped a Mercedes at a checkpoint and asked to show the combat order.

The document, as the inspector stated in the video, was missing any date – this meant that it was invalid. The man asked how long the documents were valid; in response, the Chechen military said “indefinitely.” “Unlimited ones are considered invalid,” the inspector explained.

Further, the footage shows how Chechen soldiers got out of the car, loaded an object that looked like a pistol, and pointed it towards the inspector. After this, sounds characteristic of a beating were heard, the author of the video fell and the phone fell out of his hands.

War correspondent Yuri Kotenok named the situation in the video is lawlessness and “Ichkerianism”.

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