Lucie Dvořáková (26) from Kupařovice in the Brno region and Jana Pokorná (26) from Horní Dubňany in the Znojmo region fought with her for the title of the best baker and confectioner. The spectator Marie, who guessed this series The whole country is baking Martina will win, so she should have bet on her in the betting office with some amusement or even contempt.

“Martin will win because he is the most prominent. After the competition, there will be a marathon of various demonstration events, television shows. They don’t need a modest, quiet mother of five there, they already have one. It has to be something more interesting now, ” she estimated a week ago when Markéta left the competition.

The judges of the whole country blessed the whole country with their decisions. For example, because Martina advanced and Markéta dropped out.

Although the finals of the second series of the Bake The Whole Country were filmed last June, until Saturday’s finals, Martina had trouble believing that she was the one who won the competition.

“It’s something unreal that I couldn’t believe until Saturday night. Only when I really saw it on TV did I start believing and thinking that it was no longer just a dream, “said Martin Sunday Aha !.

Martin finally rejoiced at the victory of the second row of Peče. In the final round, the jury was also impressed by the cake on the branch,

In addition to the title of the best Czech amateur baker, she can also enjoy a check for 100,000 crowns, thanks to which she can now equip her kitchen.

Although many spectators still come to terms with the results of the final round, according to the jurors, the real one won.Martina is exceptional in that she went into it humanly and didn’t play anything. “ said Misa Landova to her address. In the last round, when it was all about Josef Maršálek, Martin’s cake on the branch got to his knees again.

For those who have not forgotten the part in which Martina undertook to lose tens of kilograms, then we have great news. She is successful in her endeavors and has changed quite significantly since the filming.