On August 2, Airborne Forces Day was celebrated in Korablin. Those who served in these troops at different times gathered at the monument to those who died in local wars.

shipbuilder Alexander Shestoperov served in Lithuania, in Kaunas, in 1968-1970:

“The tradition of gathering in our city appeared 6 years ago. People come here, one might say, from all over Russia. Not everyone is here yet. In addition to the ships, Andrey Gavrilov, Viktor Tsarkov, there are guys from Moscow, Omsk, Korolev. We served in different cities and at different times. But one person united us – Viktor Kirillovich Asovsky. He was a platoon leader for me, and a regiment for them. And we were able to find each other thanks to Andrei Gavrilov, who contacted his comrades on the Internet.

Andrey Gavrilov:

“I served in Ferghana, in a separate reconnaissance company, from 1978 to 1980. He mastered many skills: from automatic shooting to hand-to-hand combat and parachute jumps, including into the water on a limited area. Mikhail Moskalev from Korolyov is present here. He served in Ferghana in 1979-1981. And from 1991 to 1994 – under a contract in Transnistria. He went from ensign to lieutenant. Many have their own history. We are united by the fact that service in the Airborne Forces for the majority has become a test of both physical strength, and spirit, and masculinity, and camaraderie. It stays for life.”

The participants laid a wreath with the inscription “Glory to the Airborne Troops” at the monument. Alexander Yakovlevich Shestoperov read his poems – “Hymn to the paratroopers.” In the Kazan temple, candles were lit for the repose of the souls of the killed paratroopers. We went to the grave of the Hero of the Russian Federation Igor Sarychev, who died in Dagestan in 1999. They bathed in the font of the Iberdsky Alexander Nevsky Sofronievsky Monastery: the Day of the Airborne Forces coincided with the Day of Elijah the Prophet, who is considered the patron of these troops.