According to events presented in the entertainment industry, the participation of members of different groups is always expected, with the idea of ​​exciting fans and increasing the public, and something that not many expect is the friendship between taemin of SHINee Y Jimin of bts .

taemin He revealed through an interview that his friendship with Jimin began in 2016, since they had a dance confrontation at a New Year’s Eve festival. KBSremembered as the day Taemin was taken away to fulfill his military service.

Noting that precisely during that event, they shared several moments together and were recognized by Korea of South as the best dancers of the event, it also ensures that ARMY Expect a collaboration very soon from these two members.

Confessing that for him, Jimin is an incredibly talented person to dance and sing, he is mentioned by Taemin as a great friend and it can be said that he is very fond of Jimin, clarifying that his love for dance was the fact of knowing him and being part of the most remembered and envied friendship of the k pop.

Check out SHINee’s Taemin’s interview video below, you can’t miss it: