Shilovites at a rally honored the memory of the first head of the district Vasily Fomin

July 29 in Shilovo held a day of memory of the first head of the district, Vasily Mikhailovich Fomin. Two years ago, he passed away.

The central events of that day took place near the building of the district administration, on the wall of which there is a memorial plaque to Vasily Mikhailovich. After a minute of silence, the head of the district administration Vladimir Lukantsov, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Igor Morozov, the first deputy chairman of the Ryazan Regional Duma Alexander Shevyrev, the Minister of Industry and Economic Development spoke about how he was a leader, ally, friend and just a person at the rally after a minute of silence Andrey Vorfolomeev of the Ryazan Region and Evgeny Sidorov, head of the administration of the Mikhailovsky district.

Vladimir Lukantsov:

“I got a huge experience working for a year and a half with Vasily Mikhailovich. To live and work in Shilov’s way is his slogan. He always followed it, having the main goal – in any business, small or great, to get a good result. The new stadium, the Palace of Culture, the museum complex, sports schools, Nersky Park, and much more are his brainchild. Vasily Mikhailovich devoted himself entirely to serving his small homeland and countrymen. We will continue to implement his ideas and plans.”

The rally ended with the laying of flowers at the memorial plaque to Vasily Fomin. Later, in the regional Palace of Culture, Shilovites and guests listened to a concert of sacred music by the male choir of the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ostankino.