The body of an 83-year-old woman was found near Nizhny Tagil missing in the first half of July. No one thought that they would find her in the very place where she had been wary of going all her life, the Scorpion search squad told Vse Novosti news agency.

On July 11, 83-year-old Anna Motorina was in the Energetik garden near Anatolskaya station. Before leaving for Nizhny Tagil by train, an elderly woman decided to go to the forest for a while to pick berries. The fact that Anna Alexandrovna disappeared without a trace was reported to the police by her son. He couldn’t get through to her. The pensioner, hoping to return home soon, left both her phone and her hearing aid.

“We did everything we could, spent four days there. There was nowhere else to look, I mean there were no logical places. And so you can search endlessly, and scratch all the forests to Yekaterinburg, ”says Igor Gaponov, head of the search and rescue team.

On July 26, police officers found the body of a pensioner, about three kilometers from the garden plot. How she got to this place is unknown.

“All her life she was afraid to go into the forest and always told her son that he should never go across the river, you can get lost there. As a result, she was found across the river. Logical thinking is incomprehensible, ”says the search engine.

In the Prigorodny regional department of the Investigative Committee, they told the Vse Novosti news agency that no signs of a criminal nature of death were found. An investigation was organized.

“When going to the forest, you need to have a fully charged cell phone with you in order to be able to inform you if you get lost. It is not recommended for older people to go alone for mushrooms and berries, it is better to do this accompanied by relatives to avoid accidents, ”the press group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds.

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