She is followed by hundreds of people on TikTok and Instagram, so she took it upon herself to compete with her colleagues. But Dominique Alagia (17) messed around a lot. After she spat sharp ammunition at the SuperStar judge Patricia Pagov (33), the stars wobbled like a boomerang. Who would you like to see in the cage with, she asked recently in connection with the Clash of Stars tournament. With self-reflection and humility, she wants to deliver herself to the address of an influencer.

Enjoy action, super energy and super saves! Who would you like to see me in the cage with? she was having sex Dominique Alagia a month ago, when she got drunk in the Clash of Stars ring. The combative mood wore her out, and after more than a year, when she tried to Superstarshe remembered how she had thrown her fists and fists there.

I was supposed to take care of you Patricia Pagovwho had to play the role of a juror in order to drive around and embarrass the influencer.

In the podcast A-Cast & Kid Ajvn Alagia talked a lot about SuperStar and didn’t leave a thread dry about the actor. At first, Pagov didn’t choose to come out with regards to his appearance. e pr look like some tick.

Then I received more information that Pagov really doesn’t like it. I received screenshots of what the SuperStar staff wrote about me. Urky vi me, that I am p.., revealed the brunette, who did not perform well in the competition and wanted to make up for it with her appearance.

Dominique Alagia from SuperStar left no stone unturned on judge Patricia Pagov. But she did not provide evidence for her words..

But Dominique did not show those screenshots, so for now it is a claim that is not supported by a day of relevant evidence. What to accuse Pagov herself?

Something happened to me. The whole thing seems so absurd to me that I absolutely do not want to support it in any way, don’t be angry, Patricia wrote to Expresa.

Quite possibly even she doesn’t want it, because the young influencer washes you because of the dirty ass. Why didn’t she drink a lot or a mole after it in the past? Ask the fans themselves, who don’t care and talk and show themselves unnecessarily, who don’t care. And if there is no evidence that the juror was supposed to haunt her with vulgar murderers, she will also have to hang her coat from shame one day.

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