Shcherbakova spoke about the difficulties with weight control during the Olympic season

Russian figure skater Anna Shcherbakova told on air First channel about the difficulties with weight control during the Olympic season.

Shcherbakova shared that in the 2021/2022 season she began a transition period. “And for the first time I was faced with the problem that I needed to lose weight, and everything that worked before no longer worked. “This season I was very strict about my nutrition,” said the athlete.

“At that moment, my main problem was that I believed that food was the enemy, and with every meal it seemed to me that I was harming myself,” the figure skater noted. According to her, after any meal that seemed too much, she put on several layers of clothing and went to the gym.

Shcherbakova is the winner of the 2022 Games gold in the individual tournament. She also has one victory each at the individual and team world championships, three victories at the championship Russia and two silver medals at the European Championship.

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