canadian singer Shawn Mendes He has given a lot to talk about in the last hours, since he was seen entering a hotel with an unknown man, which alarmed all his fans and other followers on social networks.

For several years, Shawn Mendes has seen how the public has generated unnecessary doubts about his sexual orientation, fact that has allowed him to earn a lot of harassment that insists on knowing if the interpreter and composer is gay or not.

The interpreter of ‘Miss’ several unknown men have been seen together on several occasions. However, he had never been seen entering a hotel next to another, as has been seen today, and which has generated all kinds of comments on social networks.

In the photos, you can see the singer’s ex camila cabello entering the place with a man taller than him, someone who had not been seen and who has now aroused great curiosity among the Canadian’s fans.

The photos have quickly gone viral on social media as they again focus on the alleged homosexuality of the artist that has been the subject of discussion for so long and that perhaps could become something annoying for anyone.

Exposing Shawn Mendes or forcing him to come out of the closet is something very out of place, since the star has the right to go out with the people he likes, without having that need to “come out of the closet” or having to be telling everyone about matters of his personal life.