“I’m going through a bit of a difficult time with social media. There are a lot of people sending me videos and asking me what’s going on

The talented Canadian singer has opened up in his latest video, revealing to his fans that he is going through a sad time and how music is helping him.

Shawn mendes He does not hide his feelings and admits that he is not quite well emotionally. After a brief hiatus from social media, the 23-year-old interpreter took to his Instagram account to reconnect with his millions of followers and thank them for the support they have given to his new song. ‘It’ll Be Okay’, who could well express his feelings after breaking up with Camila Cabello.

“I think when I make music, the end goal is to just sit there and have some kind of my own truth revealed to me. And many times when I write songs, I use music as a platform to be able to reach a place within me that I could not reach simply by talking to people or thinking about it ”.

Shawn Mendes mentioned that he had seen several videos of people excited or even crying when listening to his song (‘It’ll Be Okay’) and that made him think that they had identified with the subject and their feelings

For his fans, the song reflects nothing but sadness at having ended his relationship with Camila Cabello after two years together. ‘It’ll Be Okay’ details the end of a turbulent relationship, but hints that despite everything there is hope for healing and positivity in understanding that ‘everything will be fine’.