A memorial service was held in Moscow for the deceased idol of millions of Russians.

On August 1, the Troekurovskoye cemetery opened a little earlier than usual for visitors. From the very early morning, people from all over Russia began to gather at the grave of Yuri Shatunov to honor the memory of their beloved artist. According to Orthodox canons, it is believed that on the fortieth day after death, the soul of the deceased leaves the Earth in order to unite with God.

Funeral service for Yuri Shatunov, photo “Russian TV Week”

All forty days from the moment of the funeral, Yura’s fans brought not only flowers to his grave, but also soft toys, photos, notes with declarations of love, poems and crafts dedicated to the idol. At the memorial service, as well as at the funeral of the artist, people came with their whole families – many with children, many came from quite afar.

Funeral service for Yuri Shatunov, photo “Russian TV Week”

“According to the Christian tradition, we continue to commemorate the deceased throughout our entire life. Eternal memory, as they say. But the 40th day is special when we gather together and offer our prayers, because on this day, the soul, still on Earth, aspires to God. And today we pray for the soul of the newly introduced George. See how many of his fans gathered for the memorial service. Prayer for the deceased is also a reminder to us living that our life is fleeting. We are all here temporarily, but now the soul of George, our Yuri, especially needs our prayer,” Father George said before the service.

St. Father George photo “Russian TV Week”

After a memorial service, a flock of white doves was released into the sky over the Troekurovsky cemetery as a sign of the ascension and immortality of the soul of Yura Shatunov.

Photo from the memorial service, Russian TV Week