At the Ranovskoe Summer festival, Shatsk Cossacks sang songs and treated guests to potatoes with chanterelles

On Saturday, July 30, the fifth Ranovskoye Summer festival was held in the Ryazhsky district. The staff of the Shatsk Cossack Center became a member of it.

Ivan Savostyanov, director of the Cossack Center:

“The holiday was held on the banks of the Ranov River. Beautiful place. And on this day it became even more beautiful and attractive. After all, representatives of 22 districts of the region gathered here for the festival. In the parade we marched with a song about our Shatsk land. They proudly carried a stencil with the name of the Shatsk district and sang: “Shatsk, beloved Shatsk, native land. Shatsk, beloved Shatsk, Cossack Sloboda. We were warmly welcomed by both the audience and the creative teams.

They came to the festival not only with songs. Designed the exposition “Cossack Compound”. Here is a well, and a mill, and a wattle fence, and a cannon from which one could shoot. All this attracted the guests of the holiday: they were photographed near our exposition with their whole families. We told them about the traditions of the Shatsk Cossacks. On the stage, the ensemble “Cossack expanse” performed the song “Young Cossack”.

The staff of the Cossack Center returned home to Shatsk with three diplomas. They were received for participation in the nominations: “Best Dish” – potatoes with chanterelles went with a bang, “Cossack expanse” and for performing a song at a gala concert.