Shatsk farm LLC “Pobeda” completed the harvesting of peas

Agrarians of Pobeda LLC, Shatsk District, were among the first to start harvesting this year.

This year Pobeda LLC sowed winter wheat on an area of ​​950 hectares. Cleaning on the farm is proceeding at an active pace: to date, it has been removed from an area of ​​​​500 hectares. Head Nikolai Predybaylo noted that the wheat yield is 2.5 times higher than last year and is 37 centners per hectare.

To date, farmers have fully completed the harvesting of peas. 120 hectares have been allocated for this crop this year. Now these fields are being prepared for sowing winter crops.

Pobeda LLC is one of the oldest agricultural enterprises in the region. On an area of ​​three thousand hectares, farmers will grow wheat, barley, peas, sunflowers, and two years ago they began to work with soybeans. 1800 hectares are owned by the farm, the rest are in long-term and short-term lease.