The youngest son of Shakira Y gerard Pique He celebrated a birthday for the first time with his separated parents, because months ago the couple decided to end their 12-year relationship and their children have been the most affected by said separation. Among the consequences brought about by the decision is the fact that Sashathe youngest son of the ex-partner, it seems that he no longer loves his father and his paternal grandparents.

The only news about this was rumors, where it was believed that the minor did not want to spend time with his father or his grandparents, but everything seems to have been confirmed on the minor’s birthday, when gerard Pique decided to go for his two children to the house of Shakira to take them to breakfast and at that moment it was seen how Sasha decides to ignore the evidence of affection that her father gave her.

That day, the mother of the children, ShakiraHe organized a party for the birthday boy, but he already had an agreement with Gerard, which was that he would take them to breakfast but would return them home in the afternoon so they could enjoy the party. But when Pique He arrived for his children, it could be seen how Sasha left with his head down and without wanting to go out with his father.

It was known that the media would be present at the house of Shakirawith the intention that the singer would go out for a while and talk to them, although in the end the celebrity decided not to go out.

What could be appreciated was the exact moment when Gerard arrived for his children and parked outside the singer’s house, after a while Milan came out and got on the passenger side, began to talk to his father and They both laugh a little, minutes later Sasha comes out and gets in the back of the car and it was at that moment that his father gives him a hug and a kiss to greet him.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the exact moment was appreciated when the former soccer player’s youngest son wiped his father’s kiss in front of all the cameras, for this reason the moment was recorded by the cameras of “Europe Pressyes«.

Hours later gerard Pique returned his children home, even though it was expected that this time he would be accompanied by clear chiait was not like that and he attended only on the two occasions.