Sasha, the youngest son of the Colombian singer Shakira, has shown through a gesture that he despises Clara Chia Marti, his dad’s new girlfriend, the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué and who at this time has had to face all kinds of ridicule and criticism for having deceived the Latin artist.

The separation between Shakira and Pique has massively affected their two children, and it is that although the two of them have tried so that the children do not feel so affected by the process, the attitudes and new directions they are taking have made Sasha and Milan realize that their parents they can’t stand each other

And beyond that, there is the fact that the athlete settled immediately with his new partner after his break with the Colombian, something that in a certain way has been very hard for the youngest of his two children.

Sasha, the younger of the two little ones, is celebrating his birthday today, and it is said that he does not want him to be present Clara Chia Marti at her party, since when he is close to her, his body expressions denote a total displeasure towards the 23-year-old girl.

And it is that according to the medium The National of Catalonia, Sasha’s countenance when around Clara is “a bit gruff and serious.” And although it is hard to believe these statements, the little boy has already accepted at a certain point what happened to his two famous parents and Piqué’s new partner.

However, the aforementioned medium also stated that the suffering of the younger brother of Milan when he must be separated from his mother, he is extremely enormous to the point that he even cries for her.

The truth of all this is that the parents They must look for ways for their two children not to live this bitter pill in such an exposed way, since without a doubt, this could affect their behavior and their mental stability.