Shakira He has had to give up his two children, Sasha Y Milan, with his dad Gerard Piqué. The children will spend the next ten days with him, but it has been reported that the younger of the two could not help but cry after having to get away from his mother, creating a massively moving scene that has brought thousands of fans to tears. Colombian.

The youngest son of the Colombian singer Shakira would have broken into uncontrollable tears when he separated from his mother, since yesterday his father, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, went to look for him to spend the New Year with him, his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti and his family.

This has occurred after both were with their mother and spent December 24 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sacha, the interpreter’s youngest son ‘Waka waka’, he was quite affected by having to part with her to spend the next few days with his father.

The agreement reached by Shakira and Piqué is that the two children would spend Christmas with her, while the new year would be with him and his family.

According to what was reported by the journalist Marc Leirado Millan, of the chain Telecinco, the youngest of the children cried for having to be separated from his mother for the next ten days.

«Last night something happened that touched my soul. All day waiting for Piqué to arrive to take the children, since these 10 days they are with him,” the journalist wrote in Twitter this Saturday December 31st.

“Shakira spent the whole afternoon playing with the little ones in the garden at home, waiting for the arrival of the former soccer player,” he said. After a while, Pique came for the boys, I heard the harsh farewell of Shakira and her little son who was crying and yelling ‘mami!’ as they headed to the garage to leave.”

According to the reporter, the singer was “from the other side of the garden” and “shouted” to her son: “‘Calm down, see you soon'”.

This scene has deeply moved fans of the artist, since they know very well that the Colombian has a very strong connection with her two children, so this type of situation can affect her emotionally.