The end of the relationship between Shakira Y Gerard Piqué It has been one of the most controversial in these times, since shortly after the end of the relationship, Gerard could be seen dating a young woman, about whom everyone knows right now. After a few months since their breakup, the strange situations that Vivian experienced when they were still together have been revealed, but there is one that stands out from the rest because of how unusual it was and that her Piqué was not able to bear.

The ex-partner seems not to be able to cope with a relationship apart from when it comes to their children, because since the moment of their separation they have not been seen together again, unless it is for some issue with their children, Milan Y Sasha. Where it is known that their last meeting was for the birthday of their youngest son, who was turning 8 years old.

On January 29, the child turned 8 years old and it is known that gerard It was for him to take him to eat ice cream, however, when he returned, the ex-soccer player decided not to enter the celebration that Shakira he had arranged for the minor.

Some international media say that the minor does not have a good relationship with his father’s current partner, Clara Chia, This would be because Sasha is very attached to his mother and for this reason the child has a hard time getting away from his mother when he has to go with his father.

According to the media, the singer would have a very unusual habit, which Gerard Piqué he couldn’t stand and even hated that she did it at home. What Gerard hated was that the Colombian was barefoot at all times, but Shakira, in an interview she gave a couple of years ago, revealed the reason why she had that habit.

Shakira said:

It reminds me of my origins, where I come from.

It is the pure and hard Caribbean and there you walk barefoot.

The habit that Gerard didn’t think was good and he totally hated that she was barefoot in the comfort of his home, even though this habit couldn’t hurt anyone.