Time after the break between Shakira and gerard Piquethe former couple has had to meet again on several occasions, either in court where they both reached an agreement for the custody of their children or at the singer’s house, where Gerard has been seen arriving on several occasions.

With his most recent success, Shakira He has shown that he is not afraid to show what he feels, for which he decided to take the pain he feels and put it to “check in«, in the song with Bizarrap, a song where the singer decided to address the issue related to her ex-partner, his new girlfriend and his mother, former mother-in-law of Barranquillera.

For this reason, what happened a few days ago was very surprising, more specifically on February 2, which is the date on which they both have their birthday. Shakira He held a party at his house where he invited friends and celebrities to have a good day, while on the gerard He spent his special day in the company of his girlfriend, clear chiaand with one of his children, for whom he arrived alone at the artist’s house.

Shakira’s little revenge was evidenced by some media cameras present there. When Gerard arrived at the residence in search of his son, the Barranquillera did not open it immediately and made him wait outside, where he found himself surrounded by cameras and journalists who asked him questions and put the “shooter» that his ex-partner did to him.

The singer decided to make him wait just over 15 minutes, until his son finally came out, got in the car and they left without saying anything.

What did you think of Shakira’s revenge?