Shakira She has been listed as one of the most talked about celebrities in recent months due to the personal process she went through with her divorce with Gerard Piqué and the two ended their long relationship to go their separate ways, but always dedicating themselves to raising their two children, Milan Y Sasha.

The two celebrities reached an agreement, which was legally approved in Barcelona, ​​reaching the decision that the minors will travel to Miami with their mother to start a new life away from Spain, they must also share special dates and vacations with their father, and finally, the ex-soccer player also have the right to share a certain number of days with their children.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding the family’s next trip, several Spanish media have begun to investigate and report on the obstacles that Shakira may face in her plans, at first it was mentioned that the artist was receiving a negative response from Milan Y Sasha, since they did not want to leave the Spanish country and leave their friends and acquaintances.

But recently, a Spanish portal indicated that the dates of the trip Shakira may change because family issues may be complicating everything, according to The National of Cataloniathe conditions will change due to a series of unexpected events, despite the fact that everything was already fully prepared for the first days of January.

The portal suggests that Shakira She is going to delay her plans for the health of her father, the same one she would be in charge of equipping him so that he can travel in a private plane equipped with all the necessary elements for his supervision.

The Catalan media said:

William Maybarak is currently recovering at his home in Esplugues de Llobregat.

The singer originally planned to leave next week, the children start the new school year on January 5, which once again puts her at odds with Piqué, because theoretically he will stay with the children until the 6th.

It all depends on your father’s health, Shakira he had planned to put all the medical elements on a private jet headed for Miami, the medical team that treated William in the clinic teknon from Barcelona, ​​but now she is not sure that it is possible, because at the age of 91, her father is in very poor health

For now, we will have to wait and see how the recovery of the Colombian’s father progresses, since he has improved in recent months thanks to medical procedures.