The Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman, Shakirahas recently been launching controversial topics such as, «Congratulations» with Rauw Alejandro and «Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53» with the producer Bizarrap, where he tells us about his past relationship with his ex-partner, albeit indirectly.

It is not difficult to deduce for whom the words of these songs go, controversial verses such as: «She’s clearly the same as you. for guys like you.”, «You treat me more like one of your whims, your wound did not open my skin, but my eyes«, «Zero rancor, baby, I hope you do well with my supposed replacement« which are clearly shots for Pique.

entertainment media United Kingdom they assure that the woman from Barranquilla is working on a great project, possibly her next album, where it was discovered that she was already working on it even before discovering the infidelity of Pique. So the artist has been forced to change many of her lyrics and modify this project.

They also claim that their next albumwill be a seriously revealing album, where the Colombian singer will leave absolutely everything reflected in her lyrics and will explain everything that really happened in her failed relationship with Piqué.